Hello, I am Sapna Odlin. I am a wife, mummy to two beautiful children, a website developer and a superhero (my cape is in the wash, along with everything else!). My husband and I love to cook together, but I also love to sit back and watch him cook. To observe the magic of growing our own vegetables to eat and flowers to gaze at from the kitchen window during a rare quiet moment is one of my simple pleasures in life. You see, life is hectic in the Odlin household. Our son is growing up and it’s a bittersweet time. We see glimpses of the man he will become one day. He is thoughtful, sensitive, empathetic and kind. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and he makes me laugh every single day. But with each day that goes by the changes; I no longer hear him laugh when I remove his socks from his feet, he no longer calls me ‘Mae’, but instead he locks his little finger with mine to make a promise he almost always instantly breaks.

I believed my heart to be full; I could not have imagined that our little unit of 3 could have room for another. Then along came our daughter. With her first breath, she took ours away. At the time of writing this, she is less than 2 years old, but it is almost impossible to imagine a life before her. She became a part of our family before she was even born, I realise that now. Our beautiful boy feeds her sticks covered in lichen, we scold and panic but then watch as our hearts implode with love when he sings to her in the car or takes her hand gently inviting her into the teepee in the sitting room where they share bowls of crisps as I make their dinner, they have a need to always be near each other. Capturing their journey as brother and sister, a family unit but also our extended family has become an obsession for me. Every day I strive to capture our love for them both; the perfect days, the not so perfect and the all together beautifully mundane are all here in my photographs.

Every day I feel them getting a older, independance growing and every so often as all parents, wives and husbands do I imagine the absolute worst. The absolute worst. One day we’re living a life full of laughter and joy and the next everything changes. I can never quite let myself finish the thought in my head. I hope with all my might I never have to go through anything so unthinkable but in life things happen, parents of newborn babies sit in waiting rooms asking questions there are no answers to, desperately trying to cling onto memories hoping they will always be able to remember. Wounds will heal in time, but they don’t want to forget, their loved one also deserves to be remembered and to have a place on the wall. At times like this thoughts may turn to photography and I imagine loved ones trying to capture their own images feeling too heartbroken to ask a doctor, nurse or other family members.

I want to use my gift of photography and possibly videography to capture the last moments, moments that may not be viewed for a long time but they are there when the time is right. There to hang on your wall or keep on your phone.

Although my writing may paint the picture of a blubby person, I am a very discreet person and very calm in situations where others may not be. I have a alarming amount of empathy that sometimes I wonder how I get through the day. Anyway I hope whoever is reading this never needs to use the website’s complimentary services but if you do, rest assured myself and my friends who make up SCENT would be honoured to help you preserve your memories.


Cancer Research UK is a cancer research and awareness charity in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man, formed on 4 February 2002 by the merger of The Cancer Research Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. Its aim is to reduce the number of deaths from cancer

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